Picture of the Season Summer 2015 Winners

As today is the official start of autumn it’s about time we announced our #summerofadventure photo competition winners, with prizes donated by ATTACK ATTACK and Counterfeit Clothing.

There were dozens of great entries, and as per usual a single winner was incredibly difficult to pick from from the bunch.
We had a simple formula for picking this summer’s champion:
What were the photos that we’d really like to be present in?
And: If we could somehow magically zoom into a photo and be there, in the midst of this summer’s heatwave, which photos would it be?

As tougher choice as ever there was, we eventually narrowed it down to a winner and a runner up.
We present to you our picture of the season!

This summer's Picture of the Season winner

This summer’s Picture of the Season winner – Harry Ross

Well done to Harry Ross!
You’ve won a complete skateboard setup from ATTACK ATTACK Snowboard Shop Morzine.
We’ll be in touch via email shortly!


The saying usually goes, if you’re not first you’re last. But not in this case!

We’ve picked a runner up who’ll win a cap and a t-shirt of your choice from our friends at Counterfeit Clothing.

Picture of the Season runner up

Picture of the Season runner up – Jack Taylor

Well done to Jack Taylor! You sir are not quite last and have won a cap and a t-shirt.
We’ll be in touch to find out which prizes you’d like.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 16.31.54

Well done boys! Great effort.

Stay tuned for a few more smaller competitions in the run up to winter and then we’ll be back with our Picture of the season – Winter edition in the next issue of source magazine. And we promise you… the prize pack this winter is HUGE!

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