Mont Blanc Rallye 2015

This weekend Morzine hosts the 67th round of the Rallye du Mont Blanc.
If you’ve not been in town for the event before you’re in for a treat. It’s fast, great to watch and very loud.

Rally Stages Overview

Run over two days, the rally starts at 0725 tomorrow (Friday 4th) from Montriond.
The first section of the event runs from the fire station in Montriond, up the Col du Joux Verte to Avoriaz.
This first stage is a tricky one and tends to test the drivers, who might be a little nervous on the first stage of the first day. The trees on the hill up to the lake will claim a few nervous newbies, no doubt.

The rally then heads over to Les Alpes du Léman for Stage 2 and Sommand and Praz de Lys for Stage 3 before returning to Morzine for a regroup at the tourist office just after 12 (and a spot of lunch, no doubt).

Section 2 starts again from Morzine. This time we’re off to La Vernaz for stage 4, then a re-run of a shorter version of the Les Alpes du Léman for Stage 5 and finally back to Morzine for the final stage of the day, Stage 6, from Morzine, up the route d’Avoriaz, back down the Joux Verte and a finnish by Lac Montriond.

Day 1
Day 1

Day two sees the drivers heading out to Essert Romand for the start of Section 3, Stage 7 starting at 0800 it’s up and over the Côte d’Arbroz to Praz de Lys via Sommand. From there we head to Samoens for Section 4 and 5, for Stages 8, 9 and 10. All of which loop around Samoens and Morillon.

For the final stage we’re back in Morzine for another full run of the Col du Joux Verte. Starting in Morzine, up, over and down to the lake for the final finish of the weekend.

Day 2
Day 2

The total distance for the rally is 203.18 Kilometres, but the cars will have travelled over 500 Km’s between all of the stages. For more information about stage times please see the official website.

Road closures

Road closures - allow 2 hours for accident recovery after the stage

Road closures – allow 2 hours for accident recovery after the stage

Expect all road to be used as stages to be closed for the duration of the stage and up to two hours before and after the stage has been run.
Roads between stages are not closed, but expect heavy use by the vehicles traveling in excess of the speed limit. Keep all journeys to a minimum and be aware that vehicles will be traveling quickly around town.

Where to watch

Each stage has marked viewing/safe areas. It is recommended you arrive early, with plenty of time to get into position before the stage begins.
It is not recommended you walk along the roads whilst the stage is being used.
If you want to move position during the stage it is recommended you walk parallel to the track at least 50m away from the road surface. Never walk on the road.
Remember: Cars can leave the road at any time, run wide on corners, cut corners, overshoot corners or do any number of unexpected things.
Expect the unexpected and be safe out on the stages and around town.
If you want to see the cars up close or speak to some of the drivers there are three main pit areas around town. Carefore Morzine carpark, the clay football pitches past ED’s supermarket and the largest is in the Nyon carpark.

First Day, First Stage, 3rd corner - Ouch. ©2014 Rob Youblind

First Day, First Stage, 3rd Corner – Ouch.
©2014 Rob Youblind

Where to see the best crashes

Everyone knows crashes are the best bit of any motorsport, but it’s hard to predict where they will occur.
Our recommendation is to find with the greatest number of the following factors.
-downhill stage
-uneven road surface
-sharp corners
-damp conditions
-loose gravel

The more of those you have on a section of track, the more likely is is you’ll get to see someone end up in the ditch or on their roof.

Remember to stay safe and enjoy the rally!

2014’s event highlights

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