Meet the Magic Makers – A day in the life of Alta Lumina

By Maxence Clemencon, Chief Magic Maker

Each day at Alta Lumina begins with a quick walk around the park, making sure the path through the enchanted forest is clear and nothing is lying around, such as fallen branches, etc. Then we do a second round to put everything into place and check all the electronics. The team then splits into two; one group sets everything up and puts everything into place, the other tests all the lights and other effects to make sure everything is in perfect condition, ready for another night of amazement for our visitors.

As is often the case during the winter season, fresh snowfall can mean a lot of extra work here at Alta Lumina. Safety is our priority, so whenever the snow makes an appearance, we need to clear the whole pathway. We also sprinkle forest-friendly grit to minimise slip hazards. Many lights also need to be cleared of snow to ensure the light effects are not impacted by the snow. On top of that, the magic makers must ensure that all of the electronics are still in perfect working order and snow hasn’t gone in places we don’t it want to. Snowy days are tough days here but when the sun has set, the magic really goes up a whole new level!

Everything is ready well in advance of our first visitors each day, so when they arrive, we walk to the entrance of Alta Lumina with our broadest smiles, we light the fire and we are ready to share the wonderful experience of Alta Lumina with them.

The magic of Alta Lumina was created with children in mind and the experience has so much to offer for the whole family! It’s difficult for me to tell you which sections are the favourites amongst our little visitors without revealing too much about the experience! But let’s just say that children absolutely love drawing on the black boards and spinning the handles to play the music of Alta Lumina. It’s a real treat for us to watch the joy on their faces.

Many people ask me how we make the special magic at Alta Lumina, so I will tell you here, for the first time. The recipe is a pinch of enchanted melody, a big teaspoon of magnificent trees, a sprinkle of lights, a few secret ingredients topped up with a very enthusiastic crew. We stir these things up for the whole evening and there you go! That’s the secret formula.

Being the Chief Magic Maker at Alta Lumina is a real privilege. During the winter time we start work in the mid-to-late afternoon, so we are on a bit of a different schedule. When most people finish their day of skiing, we start our shift. By the time they are waxing their skis and eating fondue, we are fully at work. The routine definitely takes some time to get used to. On the other hand, we are a very small and tight team and we all get along very well. We get to spend our evening watching people mesmerised by the Alta Lumina experience so it doesn’t get much better than that really, does it?! I’ll tell you about one bonus point; we never work in the morning, so we never miss a powder day!

As our visitors left the park this summer,“Thank you for this magical moment!” is the most common thing they say to us. Closely followed by “We’ve got to come back in winter!” Fuelled by this passion, we’ve been working hard on new experiences to make Alta Lumina smoother and more enjoyable for our visitors. I don’t want to give away the surprises, but as magic makers, we never run out of ideas and we cannot wait to welcome you to Alta Lumina this winter!

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Alta Lumina reopens for Winter 21/22 at 5.40pm on Friday 3rd December and is open each day throughout the season (note that the opening time is later as we move towards spring and the days become longer). The final day of the season is Saturday 9th April 2022.

To maintain the magical experience in the park, we restrict the number of visitors at any one time throughout the winter season and tickets are not available to book on site. You can easily book your visit to Alta Lumina in advance on our website.


Children up to age 4 – Free of charge
Children aged 5 to 15 – €10
Adults aged 16 and over – €19
Family pass for 2 adults and 2 children – €53

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Meet the Magic Makers – A day in the life of Alta Lumina
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