The Pleney Luge

Pleney Luge from Morzine Source Magazine on Vimeo.

This weekend we tested out the luge on Pleney. We’ve seen the luge from the Pleney lift hundreds of times, summer and winter, without ever really paying much attention. We’d always assumed it was a kids only activity, too tame to be of interest to teenagers and adults. Boy, we were wrong!

The luge has two tracks, one easy/slower and one hard/faster. Unfortunately for us the faster track was closed for final pre-summer preparations. A significant part of the faster track was damaged in last month’s flooding.

Our mild disappointment that the fast track was closed for repairs was easily forgotten when we realised how fun even the slower track is. The great thing about the luge is that you control the speed. So for a young child and a parent riding together, or a more timid adult the ride is fun, gentle and safe.

But… if you’re the adrenaline junkie type, the luge has plenty to offer. With its simple controls; pull back to stop, leave central for a controlled descent and push forward to remove all resistance and let gravity have its way, you can really let it go.
A word of warning though. You do actually have to brake for corners. As one of our team found out trying to push the limits a bit far and ended up will a few light grazes and a new story to tell.

The luge is then a hidden-in-plain-sight gem of Morzine. Suitable for young children, children riding with parents, teenagers and adults. It’s fun, fast and not without risk. The perfect way to keep the kids entertained whilst you sit in the shade of the Tremplin with a cocktail. Alternatively get up there and join them. It’s even a great alternative to biking, and any experienced downhiller will find the braking before cornering technique completely natural.

The luge is currently €2.50 a ride, but will increase to €5 a ride once the second track is open in the next week.

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