Morzine Eclipse Spotting

Are you all set for Friday’s solar eclipse? Here’s all the information you need to get the best possible view…

What time’s the eclipse?

9.20am, Morzine time

Where’s best to watch it?

We’re recommending the top of Nyon or the top of Chamossiere, both of which are lift accessed

What is a solar eclipse?

It’s when the moon covers the sun. This is the first of 2 solar eclipses due during 2015 and it just so happens to fall on the same day as the March Equinox. A total solar eclipse coinciding with Northern Hemisphere’s Spring Equinox and Southern Hemipshere’s Autumn or Fall Equinox hasn’t happened since 1662 and will not happen again until March 20, 2034.

How much of the sun will be covered?

Weather permitting, Morzine should see around 90% coverage as the moon passes over the sun. Only Svalbard or the Faroe Islands will see a total solar eclipse with 100% of the sun’s surface covered by the moon and certain parts of the UK will see up to 96% coverage.



Never look directly at the sun!

You’ll damage your eyes if you try to view the solar eclipse without protective glasses so take care! Or you can make yourself a handy pinhole projector if you’d prefer. Follow the instructions here! 

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