Meet The Men Behind The Evergreen Endurance

Bruno and Carlton have pioneered an eco conscious iron distance triathlon in the Alps which you can read all about here.

We grabbed 15 minutes with one of the race organisers so that we could get to know the men behind the event and what drives them. Here are our 10 quick fire questions for Bruno Lebeda…

1. Has it always been triathlons that you’ve competed in, or has it been a progressional path?

It’s been an accidental path! My background is in several sports but none of them related to triathlons. I once rowed for France where I won a silver medal at the 1990 World Championships and it’s because of a bet in a bar with a rowing friend that I ended up signing up for my first triathlon. I liked it, signed up for another one, and another, and another…

2. Other than the Evergreen Endurance, what is your favourite race and why?

Laguna Phuket Triathlon in Thailand. I have raced this 12 times now. I love the atmosphere, the spirit, the camaraderie and the fact it has remained a relatively small and friendly race over the years. It’s also usually the last race of the season as it takes place in late November and they therefore throw a huge party after the race!

3. What do you do to unwind from a day of training?

Have a glass of wine, or two, and be sociable again…

4. Do you prefer to train with someone or are you a lone wolf?!

I prefer to train with my wolf, my 14 month old white husky named Januk. He’s almost always on my side when I’m out training these days.

5. What is your favourite winter activity?

I’m spoilt for choice. I enjoy ski touring, as well as lots of ski mountaineering races. If I’m after a downhill day then its got to be on my telemark skis!

6. Which professional athlete do you love to follow and why?

I like Chris McCormack, he’s quite brash but honest and very talented. I love his racing attitude and his philosophy of life.

7. What is your choice of pre race day dinner?

Two days before it’ll be the usual pasta party, then day before the race just a simple and light dinner with some grilled chicken or fish, some veggies and a glass of vino!

8. How does it feel to be organising an event like this rather than competing in it? Do you get the urge to enter on the sly?!

Not yet, but eventually yes. Right now, I am super excited by the adventure and the challenge to organise it. I put myself in the shoes of the athletes that will race it because I’ve been there on numerous occasions and I love to pay attention to every details of it so as to offer a great experience. We have a very ambitious program and I am excited by it. Somehow, it feels like re-learning a new sport or activity, only one that you know already from a different angle. On race day though, I am sure I’ll really feel like being on the start line.

9. You should be very proud of organising such a pioneering event, but other than this what is your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement is to have managed to come all this way in life without ever feeling jaded. Being able to remain idealistic, managing to maintain integrity, and being able to mesmerise myself by all that surrounds me, being able to draw energy and strength in new exciting project, being able to constantly learn to reinvent myself and grow. Finally, to not have deceived any of my loved ones (family and friends) and being a supporting and loving husband.

10. What is your top tip for someone looking at entering one of the Evergreen Endurance races?

Enjoy the journey, before and during the race. Don’t look at Evergreen Endurance events like other more traditional events. It’ll be about pacing and it’ll be about connecting with your surroundings. If you intend to race it as mechanically as you would race another iron distance race, it will hurt. If you focus on the journey, manage to be patient and draw energy from the surrounding mountains, you will have an unbelievable experience. I love the mountain environment for it constantly humbles me by reminding us that we are just at its mercy, that we should be grateful and appreciative of what we’re allowed to experience. I think Evergreen Endurance races will become more spiritual races than others.


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