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Our Winter 24 Cover Story by Dylan Fant

The cover of our Winter 24 magazine was designed by Burlington, Vermont-based illustrator Dylan Fant. We first found Dylan on Instagram; inspired by the bold colours and natural order of his work, we sent him a message and crossed our fingers. The end result is a striking graphic, full of wonder and charm; we think Dylan has captured the special atmosphere of our villages incredibly well and we hope you agree. Here’s the story of our cover in Dylan’s words.

“The opportunity to work with Morzine Source Magazine came about when Michael reached out to ask if I’d be interested in designing the winter and summer cover for 2024. He and Amie shared lots of detail about the resorts, their magazine and sent over some previous magazine covers so I could familiarise myself with them a bit more. The brief was to capture the spirit of the mountains in my hand-drawn, organic style as well as incorporate some text in the design itself.

My illustrations are flowy, organic, sometimes a bit psychedelic. Often there’s an exaggerated sense of wonder for the natural world. My work is also often informed by screen printing so there’s typically a limited palette of vibrant colours. People often ask me which has been my favourite project so far. It’s so hard to pick favourites! I really love gig poster projects. It’s such a fun combination of design, illustration and typography. I also love seeing the final screen-printed pieces that become unique pieces of art based on tiny little imperfections in every print. A recent highlight was a poster I got to do for the band Phish playing a flood recovery benefit show for New York and Vermont. All the proceeds of the print (in fact the entire show) went to help rebuild after severe flooding took place this past year.

For this winter’s issue of Morzine Source Magazine I wanted to capture the overall vibe of the mountains over there in the Alps, without being overly specific to drawing a particular view. Instead, trying to capture a feeling of what makes those resorts special. The trails that wind through alpine villages with massive snow covered peaks in the distance. Doing most of my riding in Vermont, it’s a totally different aesthetic to what we’ve got to enjoy out here.


That said, I think the spirit of the mountains is universal. There is a certain feeling you get when you’re in the mountains, wherever in the world you may be. And there are particular kinds of people drawn to those environments. The way elevation literally expands your worldview is really special.

I’m working on some really exciting projects at the moment. I feel like I’ve always got a few gig posters in progress throughout the year. In between client jobs I try to devote time to creating art for myself, either screen printed art prints or paintings. I’ve been doing a lot more painting recently, It’s nice to have a creative outlet outside of just working digitally on a computer. And of course, when I’m not working, I’m riding at my local resorts here in Vermont! And trying to stay in shape at the climbing gym, for when the outdoor climbing season rolls around next spring.

Instagram is probably the place I update most frequently, so if you’d like to discover more about my work, that’s the best place to go. I’m @dylanfantillustration. I’ve also got a website where I sell gig posters and art prints of my work. I’ll be back with a cover for your summer magazine real soon, but in the meantime, enjoy the winter over there in the Alps!”

Our Winter 24 Cover Story by Dylan Fant
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