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IndianaVentures Morzine

If you’ve visited Morzine in the summer, you’ll no doubt be familiar with Indiana’Ventures and their treetop adventure park down at Les Dérèches. Maybe you’ve been canyoning with them, or even paint-balling. But would you try their brand new and completely unique adventure, l’eXtrême, a high ropes obstacle course that hangs underneath the Super Morzine bridge? Move over Fantasticable, there’s a new adventure activity in les Portes du soleil!

Indianaventures Morzine

This bold new attraction opened in July and if you’ve seen people attempting it, or even just looked at it from the ground, you’ll know it’s not for the faint-hearted. Sometimes just walking across the Super Morzine Bridge is enough to give us vertigo, let alone climbing underneath it! Consisting of a range of nets, beams, steps, tightrope cables and pendulums, participants don red boiler suits and harnesses, clip themselves to a safety wire and make their way along the course suspended a whopping 35 metres off the ground. Once the course is complete, it’s a short zip-line back to the start.

Indianaventures Morzine

But worry not, it’s actually not as scary as it sounds, and it’s very safe. Indiana’Ventures have over fifteen years of experience in the adventure industry, being the first people to build a treetop adventure park in Morzine and having consulted on, built and managed other adventure spaces all over France, Europe and even China. With all this know-how under their belts, this summer they decided to build l’eXtrême to give Morzine’s many adrenaline junkies a new challenge.

Indianaventures Morzine

L’eXtrême is, amazingly, the first adventure obstacle course of its kind IN THE WORLD! It’s aim is to offer people the kind of adrenaline rush that’s often gained through VR and video games and turning it into a real experience using an already existing landmark. It’s also helping to positively promote Morzine and the Parc des Dérèches without making huge changes to the surrounding environment or disturbing the general ebb and flow of daily life. After all, the bridge was already there; the course was just added underneath it.

Indianaventures Morzine

If you’re in Morzine this summer and think you can handle l’eXtrême, make sure you give it a go. You won’t be able to do anything like it anywhere else!

L’eXtrême is open every day throughout the summer from 10am until 12pm and 2pm until 5pm. You’ll be provided with all the necessary equipment and be accompanied across the course by a guide. It costs €35 per person and you need to be over 150cm tall to complete the course. 

Call 04 50 74 01 88 to book or visit the office underneath the bridge pylon next to the Palais des Sports.

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