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Where does your weather forecast come from?

Snow-Forecast.com is the most frequently checked, snow related website in Europe. Just this week, as snow started to fall in Alpine resorts, they’ve seen their visitor numbers skyrocket. There is a way that resort based businesses can benefit from this ginormous web traffic flow and we thought we’d share these with you!

Eyeball Reporters – using a really simple Twitter feed, your business logo and weather related tweet will feature on the Snow Forecast website for your specific resort. Snow-Forecast website visitors can then click directly to your business website from your Eyeball Report. You have to register to be an Eyeball Reporter and for obvious reasons, competition is fierce! E-mail help@snow-forecast.com for more information.

Embeddable Feeds – these are really easy for you to add to your own website and they provide your web visitors with an accurate, well presented and reliable weather forecast. You copy a snippet of HTML code into your website and it’ll turn into a daily changing weather summary for your specific ski resort. You can do this immediately, without the need to register or get involved in anything too techie. Just follow this link to get your code… http://www.snow-forecast.com/pages/configure_feed1 NOTE! You do have to link back to Snow-Forecast.com website if you use one of their Embeddable Feeds.

XML Weather Feeds – this is a 6 day weather feed that you can integrate to look and feel like your own website. It’s a little more complex than the Embeddable Feeds option so you need to contact Snow Forecast directly for more specific information. Their e-mail address is help@snow-forecast.com. Again, you will be required to link back to Snow-Forecast.com with this option.

Resort Manager – this is a role created especially for folk in a specific ski resort during the winter season. Not only do you report on the weather, but also write blogs and news items to keep your ski resort information up to date. For more information on Resort Manager opportunities in ski resorts for this winter, e-mail help@snow-forecast.com

Then there’s the good old ‘print’ function. Don’t forget that you can print a 6 or 9 day forecast for your ski resort from the Snow-Forecast website and display it in your chalet or other resort business for your guests to read.

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