Wedze Skiwiz 100, Beginner Ski Harness

Previous to the arrival of the Junior Source ski team, I’d watched parents trail their small people around the mountain using these harnesses; it looked like incredibly hard work, I won’t lie.

But it’s not! Your little ripper wears the bum-bag style pouch around their waist, you ski behind them using the attached reins to control their speed and direction. They feel like they’re skiing and enjoying the mountains with you, which can only be a good thing!

Both members of the Junior Source ski team loved these allowing them a little extra freedom before they were big enough for ski school.

What they say

Our team, all parents of young skiers, developed this harness for children. Enjoy the slopes with the little ones!

The harness is essential for helping the very young discover skiing. Extra reassurance so they can quickly find their feet on skis!

Technical information


Securely close the waist belt. Feel free to fold the rip-tab over the mesh pocket. Fasten the adjustment mechanism using the snug strap, to ensure the belt is well secured.

Control strap

The long strap allows you to pull the child on a flat surface. Once your child feels more at ease, move this strap to the back. Your child will grow in confidence and immediately enjoy skiing more!


The lifting handle helps you to easily pick up a child on the ground. It also allows you to manage your child better on a ski lift; you can keep it in your hand to ensure your child does not slip if the ski lift is not equipped with special child safeguards.


2 years

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