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There’s a plethora of winter kit for kids out there, invented with the intention of making life on the snow easier for families.


Riglet Reel

In 2010 Burton released the Burton Riglet Reel and it changed the game for kids snowboarding. Parents tow their little groms around on their snowboard, introducing little ones as young as two years old to the sport. The Riglet Reel is a retractable cord with an ergonomic handle that attaches to the nose of your child’s board. It’s compatible with Burton’s Chopper, Chicklet and After School Special boards in sizes between 80cm and 110cm. You read that correctly. Tiny snowboards ARE available for your kids so now you have no excuse.

RRP: €35.00

Folding Sled

As the name suggests, this is a sledge that folds flat (to less than half its original size to be precise), making it easy to store and very easy to use. This innovative product combines the design of a traditional Davos sledge with modern technology, offering all the fun of the mountain on a sturdy steed that you can pack into your car boot or shoe cupboard when you’re finished. The seat section is made of recyclable engineered plastic and the skates are hand crafted from locally-sourced ash wood, so it has some nice eco credentials too.

RRP: Currently available on Kickstarter from £170

Anon Define Helmet & Goggles Combo

This is an essential piece of kit for any child learning to ski or snowboard. You therefore need it to be as comfortable and hassle free as possible. Thumbs up to Anon for taking up the challenge and producing this strong, clever combination. The helmet has a ding-resistant ABS exterior, fleece lining and a unique fit while the goggles include Anon’s exclusive Strapper-Keeper technology, which pretty much guarantees that fussing over finicky goggle straps won’t cause a lift-line meltdown. Available in sizes starting from 48cm, there’s both boys and girls colourways to choose from.

RRP:  €125


You need 100% UV protection for those precious eyeballs in the mountains. The glare of the snow is so bright, even on cloudy days. Babiators are soft, flexible and virtually indestructible while keeping eyes safe. They’re available in a huge selection of colours and they come with the mother of all guarantees. If your baby loses their Babiators, or breaks them, they’ll replace them free of charge.

RRP: €18.99

Sussed? Card Games

Down time is a key part to every mountain holiday. Some days you’ll wake up to rubbish weather. Other days the kids will have had enough by lunchtime.  This great, portable card game for children aged six plus, will keep everyone entertained while you recharge your batteries. Prove that you know your children (or anyone else in the game!) better than they know you. Hours of fun ensues and there’s additional games available too.

RRP: £9.95






#Trending – For the Kids
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