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Commencal Ramones Kids Bike


Kids love bikes. Fact. And what better way to introduce a little one to the fun and games of cycling than with the Commencal Ramones 12 Balance Bike? Not only will they be the coolest kid in town, it’ll help improve their balance, get them on a real bike sans stabilisers way quicker, and generally just have a blast. This model is the smallest in Commencal’s kids’ range and is prepped for the addition of a rear brake disc in case they start getting a little too adventurous for comfort! The 2018 version is even equipped with wider tyres for more fun and less fear.



Nutcase Little Nutty helmet


It’s a well-known truth that kids (and most grown-ups) don’t really like wearing helmets, which can drive parents crazy! But don’t worry, they will love this one. The Little Nutty Helmet is designed for kids aged two to seven thanks to its adjustable dial, and comes in a massive range of cool colours and designs little people will love. The magnetic buckle is easy-to-use and pinch-free – a relief for both kids and parents – while the removable brim will keep their faces out of the sun and the street style (and of course, the safety certification!) is ideal for all sports, from bike riding to skateboarding.

€69.90 // €89.90 with MIPS


Hive Pocket Game


Like chess but more fun and less time-consuming, Hive is an innovative boardless board game for kids and big kids alike. Each hexagonal piece represents an insect that has its own unique set of moves, and the aim of the game is to capture your opponent’s queen bee before they capture yours. This smaller, travel version of the game comes in an easily-transportable pouch and the boardless design is ideal for playing anywhere from picnic blankets, to car seats to ferry decks. Just make sure your kids don’t lose all the pieces!

£14.95 // €31.50 (UK) //




There’s nothing more frustrating than you and your family spending your entire summer holiday being eaten alive by mosquitoes – but don’t worry, that’s where the Naturaband comes in. The phrase ‘stop scratching it!’ will become a distant memory once you’ve got everyone kitted out with one of these anti-insect bracelets. Made from soft microfiber and treated with insect-repelling essential oils instead of harmful chemicals, Naturabands are inoffensive, kind to your skin and most importantly, will keep the bugs away for up to seven days. Even better, they’re super cheap, can be bought in packs of seven, and can be adjusted to fit on even the smallest of wrists.

€9.95 // £9.95 //


Sea to Summit X Set 31

Sea to Summit X-Set 31

A little camping at Lake Annecy, a night in a refuge, a mountain-top picnic, even just a BBQ at the chalet, the possibilities are endless when it comes to a holiday in the mountains. Get the camp stove fired up with Sea to Summit’s award-winning collection of collapsible cookware; made from hardened aluminium and heat-resistant silicone, these ultra-light camping sets pack down super small and are perfect for picnics and outdoor cookouts. Thanks to its compactibility, you can use more pack space for yummy food, and no-one will be complaining about having to carry heavy camping gear! We love the X-Set 31 for its versatility across small and large adventures.

£90 // €100 // (France)

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