The Woodman

I’m often asked whether I’m an artist or a carpenter and this is a question I ask myself too. Let’s say I’m a craftsman with artistic inspiration.

My sources of inspiration are varied, ranging from architecture to design, botany and mechanical engineering. Each project is new and I am keen to provide original solutions, in accordance with the space and with a certain ethic for sustainable materials.

My company Cimes Creations was responsible for the tree houses in the Lil’Stash in Avoriaz. This crazy idea was initiated by Jean Noel Calvet, he is responsible for the snow parks in Avoriaz. We wanted to honour this beautiful forest of Proclou and offer a playful interaction between this environment and its users. The approach was to create a universe in wood that inspires the imagination – a unique experience to discover the forest environment.

For the design phase, I tried to find my childhood gaze to imagine a universe where everything is possible. To cross the forest from peak to peak then visit our friend Shreddie the yeti with skis on his feet, in his cabin perched 10 meters from the ground. We descend from the trees in a toboggan and why not go for a ride on the back of a giant banana? We hope to see the friends of Shreddie hiding in the woods.

Once the design of the tree houses was agreed we called on Dreamwood Outdoor, a company that speclialises in walkways and platforms in the trees from La Clusaz, for the construction. Anthonin and Gaétan I have known for a while now and we’ve had the chance to work together on other projects around the world. I am super satisfied to see what they did. They really took the project head on, in difficult climatic conditions and in record time. It was really a great collaboration.

The approach was to create a universe in wood that inspires the imagination – a unique experience to discover the forest environment.

You’ll also discover our work in the (bigger!) Stash in Avoriaz, which of course is constantly evolving. The team of shapers have done a good job this autumn on the different wooden modules, they are preparing some nice surprises for you this winter, be sure.

I’m also often asked about my fascination for wood. Each material has its characteristics and applications, but it is true that wood contains many qualities on its own. It is a real pleasure to sculpt, it appeals to all the senses, the scent of essences; the touch of the grain and the veins of this living material and it is full of history. Gradually, I am working more and more with steels and I am turning on stone, even though I still have a lot to learn.

You might be wondering if COVID-19 has affected my preparation for this winter season. COVID-19 you say? I’ve never seen one in the woods yet. When I consider my ‘dream project’, I know I have a soft spot for monumental space design projects. These are works that have no room for error, the greater the risk factor, the more I like to find solutions to make my idea a reality. And then the research and design work is all the more important. Besides that, I am simmering some cool concepts for the Arare snowpark in the pan. But shhh, don’t say anything!”

The Woodman
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