The Shreddie Interview

As the famous bivouac in Avoriaz heads into its third season, we catch up with Shreddie to see what he has in store for guests this summer. 


Hey Shreddie! This will be the third year you’ve hosted your bivouac in the woods outside of Avoriaz, have you made any changes for this summer?

“Hi Morzine Source Magazine readers, it’s nice to meet you! Firstly, I’ve decided to change the name up here to Shreddie’s Bivouac because I’m the main man on the ground, this is my place. When winter finished and the snow melted, I got to work expanding the site, I built two new tents so now we have four in total. Right now I’m working on a couple of new picnic tables and then I’m finished I’ll install some extra ecological toilets ahead of our opening on 30th June. We’ll stay open every night until 10th September, it’s going to be a fun summer. In the evenings, when the sun sets and its too dark for me to continue working on the bivouac, I’m making a little collection of souvenirs for my gusts, including cups, corkscrews and wooden postcards. I hate being bored.”


Where did the idea to open a bivouac in the forest next to the Lil’Stash come from?

“So, I had this place where everyone came during the day to hang out, with a huge treehouse, slides, walk-ways through the trees, a giant swinging banana… a completely natural environment. And in my imagination I could see all of these things happening at night too, with families and friends spending the night in the forest. I spoke to my boss and we agreed that it would be cool to connect visitors to our beautiful area with the mountains in a really unique way, immersing them in nature. And so the bivouac was born.”

Do you get lots of families staying at the bivouac?

“Families love coming to stay with me in the woods, it’s one big adventure and small children always get very excited. My bivouac has all the facilities they need, including the tents, beds, tables and toilets to make everything secure and homely, but the adventure that comes from being in the forest at night is the best thing. Until late the little ones will be playing in the Lil’Stash cabins, running across the suspended walkways, playing on the swings… they have the best time. Also, just up the path slightly, we have La Ferme de Seraussaix, a working farm with lots of animals to discover.”


Aside from yourself, do any other wild animals hang out in the woods at night?

“The bivouac is my home and sometimes I have some friends over to hang. A few mountain cows might pass by in the early evening on their way to dinner and occasionally my bearded vulture pals drop in on their way home from work. They’re the largest raptors in Europe and they’ve been nesting on the cliffs nearby for a new months. We never disturb them however…”

What do your bivouac guests tell you about the experience? 

“All of our campers are always very happy, which makes for a happy Shreddie too! They love the authenticity and charm of a night in the woods, I make it really easy for them to enjoy the experience, which is comfortable and without the constraints of a regular camping trip. Aisling, the manager of the bivouac is always on hand when guests arrive to help them settle in too.”


What’s the best thing about being under the stars at night?

“The connection with nature and the elements is the best thing about my bivouac. Sitting with friend, reconnecting with nature, when’s the last time you did that? Also, you need to check out the night sky from the forest – without any light pollution, the stars are spectacular, truly unforgettable. Above all, there’s this little taste of adventure when you sleep outside, with the rustle of the forest and its animals!”

What else are you looking forward to this summer Shreddie?

“I can’t wait to meet all of our bivouac guests and during each day I’ll be helping at the brand new tree climbing course that we’re launching this summer in the Lil’Stash. It’s going to be so cool to watch everyone discover how to get up higher into the trees in a safe and fun way. Being Shreddie is the best job in the world!”


  • It’s a 10-15 minute easy walk from the road to Shreddie’s Bivouac
  • There are 4 tents, each sleeping up to 5 people
  • Rental is offered by the tent or for the full bivouac, depending on availability
  • Each tent includes mattresses or single camp beds, protective covers, a camping light, metal storage trunk and a water container
  • Within the bivouac and Lil’Stash site you’ll find picnic tables, a gas BBQ, ecological toilets, bin and cleaning kit and a fire extinguisher.
  • Sleeping bags and pillows are available to rent and meal hampers including apero, dinner or breakfast are also available
  • There’s free parking and a lovely farm shop 500m from Shreddie’s Bivouac
  • It costs €95 per night to rent each tent for a maximum of 5 people
  • Bookings are via airbnb which you can view HERE or email bivouac@serma-avoriaz.com and Shreddie’s assistant Aisling will send you all the information you need.
The Shreddie Interview
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