The PLUI-H – What is it? And why you need to know…

Whilst there’s no doubt that valley life is changing for those of us who live here all year round, it’s not often that we get the chance to affect that change. Here Sharon Scott of Just H Architects explains the PLUI-H and why you need to get involved.

What is the CCHC and what do they do?

The ‘Communauté des Communes du Haut-Chablais’ is an organisation made up of 15 communes, from Vailly to Les Gets, including Morzine, Montriond, Saint Jean d’Aulps. Their offices are located in the maire building in Le Biot. In association with the individual mairies, they cover and manage 12 different areas which include: transport and mobility, local economy, protection of the environment, construction and management of sports facilities, culture, housing and urbanisation, social action, water and sewage, public services and the Geopark.

What is the PLUI-H ?

The PLUI-H is an urban planning document, which is being created and written by the Communaute des Communes. This planning document will replace the individual planning regulations for each commune (PLU), by the end of 2019. It has two main objectives :

  • To define and guide land use of the territory for the next fifteen years
  • To determine common policies and goals in order to achieve a sustainable and united habitat, which meet the current and future needs of the Haut-Chablais

How does it affect me ?

If you live in the valley either full or part time, the PLUI-H will affect you in some way, here are a few examples :

  • If you are a land or home owner the PLUI-H will determine what you can build/renovate and where
  • If you are reliant on public transport, the PLUI-H will decide what buses will function and where
  • If you have children, the PLUI-H covers child care facilities in the valley
  • If you are a seasonaire, the PLUI-H looks into seasonaire accomodation in each commune
  • If you have a local business the PLUI-H will look at your specific needs: shared office spaces, the creation of industrial/commercial zones
  • If you are a low income family, the PLUI-H covers social housing

 How can I offer my opinion/suggestions ?

The PLUI-H document is being put together at the moment, but it is not too late for you to have your say. In every mairie you will find a suggestions book, where you can leave your suggestions/remarks. Otherwise you can go to the CCHC Facebook page or send them an e-mail.

Even easier still, you will be receiving a questionnaire very shortly in your letter boxes, so please be aware of how important it is to fill it in and send it back. It will be issued in English as well as in French.

Finally, there will be meetings and workshops where you can give your opinion and these are organised regularly . Watch out for the posters in your commune.

 When is their next event ?

Their next event is the seasonaires forum, held at the Palais des sports in Morzine on the 15th November.

How can I find out more?

Head to the Communauté des Communes du Haut-Chablais website

Follow the Communauté des Communes du Haut-Chablais on Facebook.

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