The Photography of Sadie Aldridge

In a series of interviews this autumn, we’ll introduce you to the local photographers who’ve kindly donated a stunning image to our charity calendar project. You’ll find more details about the 2021 Morzine, Les Gets & Avoriaz charity landscape calendar in the Source Shop.

This week, allow us to introduce you to Sadie Aldridge.


How long have you been living in the local area and what brought you here?

I have been living in Morzine and Les Gets now for five years. I have always had a love for the outdoors, so when I was 27 I decided to pursue my dream of a ski season. I had visited Morzine once before on holiday and I fell in love with the resort straight away, it was inevitable I had to return for longer. After two years of going back and forth to England, I decided my heart was always going to be in the mountains, so I made the decision to move here full time.  I now have the pleasure of photographing the mountains until my heart’s content and I love nothing more than to share my photos with everyone and inspire others to explore the outdoors.

Morzine’s iconic bridge over the river Dranse in full bloom

Tell us about the photo you’ve included in the calendar – set the scene! 

It was the 27th December 2019 and I decided to go for an evening snowshoe stroll up super Morzine to clear my head after the busy festive week. It was perfect, the entire walk felt magical and filled my heart with love. From the moment I walked along the trail, light dappled through the snow-covered trees, golden rays casting warmth amongst the winter surroundings. I was listening to Bon Iver on my headphones, the lyrics complimenting the moment… ‘I could see for miles and miles’. The snow was deep and cloud inversions moved throughout the valley below me. As the sun went down the sky became the most vibrant colour of orange, making the white tree tops and white clouds look like they were on fire. Pointe Percee in the background looked majestic peeping through the blanket of cloud. This evening is definitely on my list of sunsets I will always remember.  

Winter hikes on the Super Morzine at sunset

You also do wedding photography – how did that come about? 

Yes, wedding photography is a passion of mine within my photography career. I began photographing weddings several years ago in England. My father was a wedding photographer before he became a father therefore I was brought up around cameras and sharing his interest and eye for photography. So when I decided I wanted to pursue my passion for photography as a career, he taught me the ropes of wedding photography. I have always enjoyed capturing the candid expressions and moments in people’s lives, so when I had the opportunity to do this for someone’s special day it felt natural and rewarding. My style is very unobtrusive, natural, fun and artistic. I will be taking on more weddings in the Alps from the end of this year.  

Could there be a more stunning backdrop for a wedding?

Which season do you prefer to photograph?

Oooh this is a hard one, I love so much about each season. I have really been enjoying summer the last couple of years because it provides more possibilities for exploring the mountains, being able to hike so far and high, having more hours in the day to capture my surroundings. Early morning sunrise hikes, wild flower covered mountain sides, animals, lakes, evening golden light adventures to watch the sunset. Summer is fabulous but I am starting to get a little excited to photograph the first snow and not to forget the spectacular changing colours of the trees in autumn before.  

What are you most looking forward to this winter? 

I am really excited to be back on the mountain photographing people and families. I will be working full time this winter as a photographer, offering my photoshoots – whether its capturing friends and families skiing or walks and snowball fights in the snow. I want people to experience the mountains like I do, to see the beauty and feel the freedom and contentment. I want them to go home with images of their holiday that they will treasure forever.  

Sadie also offers activity photography, capturing your favourite mountain times


The Photography of Sadie Aldridge
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