The Photography of Gio Fleming

This autumn we’re showcasing the work of some of our valleys finest photographers. Each of them donated one stunning image for our 2021 landscape photography calendar, all of the profits from which will be donated to the APE charitable association attached to our local schools. Limited stocks of our calendars remain now, so if you’d like to order one, head to the Source Shop now!

This week we’ll introduce you to the photography of Les Gets resident Gio Fleming.

What motivated you to become a photographer?

I needed something to express myself artistically. I have been privileged to be born and raised in the mountains. I wanted a tool to convey the incredible beauty of my environment.

Tell us about the photograph you’ve donated for the calendar – set the scene!

I would call that my “come back” photo. During the summer I had a bike accident and I broke my collarbone, leaving quite a bit of skin on the asphalt. Ouch. So for weeks I could not do any photography at all. One evening I decided enough was enough, I asked my husband if he could carry my gear for me and we ventured out. I was scared to fall and hurt myself again, but it all went well. I was so happy to be out there witnessing the sunset. Photography for me is equal parts art and therapy.

Do you have a favourite time of day and time of year to take photographs?

I don’t have a favourite time of the year to take photos. Every season has got something to offer when you are a landscape photographer. As for the time of the day, I love the last few hours of sun or the very first ones. Generally that’s when the light is nice but also, that’s when the mountains are quiet. I like to be on my own out there, it’s my special time.

Do you have any advice for keen photographers who are new to photographing the mountains?

My only humble advice is to never forget to respect the mountains and to never stop looking with your eyes full of wonder. Sometimes you go home without the perfect shot, but that doesn’t mean that what you saw wasn’t beautiful all the same.

What are you most looking forward to this winter?

I am in the process of building a shop on my website to make the purchase of my art easier for my clients. I am looking forward to the launch of it. But really what I am looking forward to this winter? Skiing of course, what else?

The Photography of Gio Fleming
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