The Mountain Moovie Experience: What’s it all about?

Mountain Moovie Experience St. Jean d'Aulps

Ever heard of the Mountain Moovie Experience? Well, you’re about to. After a few quote ‘fallow’ years this fun, local film night is relaunching with a bang. While other local competitions might have a few rules and tend to air on the less family-friendly side of the spectrum, at the MME, the focus is on community spirit and fun – you don’t need to be an expert filmer and your film doesn’t even need to be about snow sports. We caught up with one of the founding members, Ian Gamble, who you might know better as Rab, or Grub, a builder who’s lived in the valley for twelve years. He told us all about the MME and what you can expect from this excellent night out down the valley.

So when did the Mountain Moovie Experience start? “2006 was the first year,” explains Rab. “The idea was born when my friend’s fiancé, Heidi, passed away from breast cancer aged 29. She had many friends here and Nick was raising money for the Lavender Trust. He asked for support, so myself and many others rallied to help! And thus the film night started.”

One of the main differences between the Mountain Moovie Experience and other local competitions is that entries don’t have to be snow sports focused, they can literally be about whatever you like. It also takes on a fun, welcoming feel that sees the whole town, including kids and families, getting involved. “It is really an open field,” Rab says. “If somebody feels there is a subject that may suit all ages, go for it. But if it’s edgy just give us a heads up!”

One of the best things about the Mountain Moovie Experience is that it’s managed to retain its local, community-focused feel throughout its thirteen year lifespan. You won’t find many drone shots, custom soundtracks or special effects in an MME film; you’re more likely to find painted sets and see clips filmed on a smartphone. And that’s all part of the fun. After all, as Rab says, it’s the original film night in the area. He even paints the poster himself. “It’s still got the same ingredients as it did at the start. Some not so young and some very young get involved, either making films or helping in the running of the event”. Although, we suspect things might have taken a slight turn for the risqué as we ask Rab what’s in store for MME attendees this year: “There will be a bar, the Hard Cock Cafe serving Ibex beer donated by  Dave, delicious food from the Kebadass Cafe, a fine raffle and other fun secret offerings!”

Mountain moovie experience st jean d'aulps

One of Rab’s hand-painted posters.

In fact, the only thing that has changed is the charity the proceeds go to; this year all money made will be sent to one of our favourite local charities, Secours en Montagne. As Rab explains: “They are are voluntary organisation very similar to the mountain rescue back in the UK. They are not well funded but they’re there on call for each and every one of us in case somebody gets into difficulty on the mountain.” Well said Rab.

Mountain Moovie Experience st. Jean D'Aulps

Another one of Rab’s hand-painted posters because we just love them!

The Mountain Moovie Experience takes place on the 11th April from 7pm in the gymnasium of College Henri Corbet. It costs €5 to get in and you’ll get five free raffle tickets on entry. Raffle prizes include a piece of wire art from Barbara de Moubray, skis from All Mountain Rental / Beanies, jewellery from Bluebell Beltrami, and a meal for six cooked in your chalet from Alikats, to name but a few. There’s still time to submit a film, too! Just get in touch via the MME Facebook page or give Rab a bell on +33 (0) 619629132. Happy filming!




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