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The Chalet Host’s Survival Guide

Last winter Heather Garlick worked a ski season in Morzine. Pre-Morzine she’d travelled a lot, she’d worked in lots of different roles, but her chalet hosting experience stuck with her. Maybe she was baffled by the number of new seasonaires who rock up in resort with no clue what they’re doing? Maybe she realised she’d worked for a great chalet company, and wanted to let others know what they should expect from their ski season experience? Regardless, Heather’s e-book titled ‘The Chalet Host’s Survival Guide’ and based on her time in Morzine is currently a number one bestseller on Amazon. And what better time to read it than right now, while you’re planning your season job and wondering exactly what it takes to be a chalet host?

The e-book includes useful sections on the skills you’ll need to be a good chalet host, where to get a job, interview preparations, the gear you’ll need before moving to the mountains, your first month in the job, and super useful tips on dealing with everything from kids to faddy guests.

Download ‘The Chalet Host’s Survival Guide’ by Heather Garlic from Amazon right now. 

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