Tail It GPS Watch

This stylish watch for kids from Norwegian GPS brand, TailIt, is the perfect way for you to keep in touch with your kids without giving them a full blown phone with all its time sucking apps and games.

Importantly, it’s not a tracker, so you can’t see where your kids have been during their ski lessons, but if you need to find out where they are, you’ll be shown via a handy app on your smartphone. This clever device also allows you to program in three phone numbers so if there’s an emergency, children can call you at the touch of a button.

It also picks up text messages and phone calls, answering automatically after three rings, and runs on a super cheap global data plan, so you won’t be subject to surprise roaming fees after getting back from your holiday.

All in all, a simple device that respects your child’s privacy while giving you the peace of mind of always being able to get in touch, whether it’s to tell them dinner’s ready when they’re out playing in the snow, or to check they’re ok when they’re off skiing with their friends.

Oh, and it also tells the time!

What they say

Tail it Kids is the childs first mobile phone. Its a GPS watch for kids that shows you the location of your kids on the map in your phone. It also and let you and your child be able to call each other without the access to internet and social media.

  • 5-7 days battery
  • Only people in your list can call the child
  • Watch answers after 3 calls, so you always get answer!
  • SOS-button and secret phonenumber.

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Cost: €99.00
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