Sweet Treats from The Tasty Ski Company

Now that Morzine is set to bask in sunshine for the next week we thought a nice bright recipe was the order of the day. We serve these little beauties for afternoon tea at The Tasty Ski Company and they are a real favourite – the sharp lemony drizzle works really well with buttery icing. Enjoy!

The Cupcakes

200g unsalted butter (diced and left to room temp.)
200g eggs, beaten
200g caster sugar
5g grated lemon zest
200g self-raising flour

The Drizzle

100g lemon juice
100g caster sugar

The Icing

280g room temperature butter
560g icing sugar
4 tablespoons milk
Yellow food colouring

Beat the butter and sugar with the whisk until light and creamy.

Whisk the eggs into the mixture in 3 parts, then fold in the flour in 3 parts along with the grated lemon zest.

Add the mixture to 100ml cupcake holders, put in muffin trays, and place in an oven at 170 degrees until a knife comes out clean (around 20 minutes).

Meanwhile mix the sugar into the lemon juice until dissolved. As soon as the cupcakes are removed from the oven prick about 10 holes with a tooth pick in the top and brush on the drizzle.

To make the icing, beat the butter with a wooden spoon in a bowl until very soft. Add 1/2 the icing sugar and beat until smooth then add the other 1/2 and beat until smooth. Add the milk gradually until you have the consistency you want. Add a couple of drops of yellow food colouring and mix in until you have a homogenous yellow colour.

At The Tasty Ski Company we finish the cupcakes with some caramelised lemon zest but they are just as delicious without them.

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