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Sustainable Living in Morzine

Sustainable living has never been more important, especially when you live in the mountains.  Dan Bromley has set up Permaculture Morzine to bring to light the importance of local sustainability issues. The Permaculture website and Facebook page aim to provide both residents and visitors with information on how we can all look after the mountains that we love. It includes features on sustainable food, transport, accommodation, property, recycling and health and well-being and it is set to become an increasingly interesting and useful source of information.

Permaculture Morzine is run and operated on a voluntary basis and Dan’s aim is to make it into a community initiative that we can all contribute to and benefit from. If you have a business in the local area that has green policies, or if you’re part of a community group that would like to get involved, you can e-mail for more information. Dan would really like to hear from you if you have an interest in the subject or if you feel that you can contribute in some way.

For more information on Permaculture Morzine visit the website or take a look at the Facebook page.

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