Sun:Sets On The Slopes – Our Exclusive Chicane Interview

When Morzine – Avoriaz’ newest apres bar La Kinkerne announced last week that they were set to host the first Sun:Sets On The Slopes apres party, a ripple of excitement spread across the valley. Whilst there’s certainly no shortage of apres fun to be had across our three resorts, it’s always exciting when a new event is announced.

Sun:Sets is a weekly radio show compiled and hosted by Chicane. That’s Chicane of Poppiholla, Offshore and Don’t Give Up fame. Chicane, the international DJ and music producer, who’s single Saltwater is just as relevant now as it was back in 1999.

But what is Sun:Sets? “It’s a weekly radio show with crafted, melodic tunes and a hugely powerful reach. It’s broadcast in 63 different countries and downloaded as a podcast over 300,000 times per month.” If Sun:Sets sounds like Ibiza then Sun:Sets On The Slopes sounds like Ibiza on snow.

The inaugural Sun:Sets On The Slopes takes place this Wednesday 2nd March at La Kinkerne in Les Prodains, between Morzine and Avoriaz. Entry is free and things kick off at 3pm. Supported by Monster Energy, the whole production promises to be slick and organised, with supporting DJ sets from Paradis regulars Charlie Wright and Tom Bassi.

What can we expect from Sun:Sets On The Slopes? “It’s a journey. An Ibiza sunset on the slopes. We’ll kick things off at 3pm with beautiful music that really makes you feel something, before moving to mid-tempo vibes followed by a real sunset moment.” Ibiza regulars will know exactly what Chicane is talking about. Huge LCD screens will project a really special sunset moment, made specifically for the mountain.


Why does La Kinkerne work so well for this event? “There’s some great bars in the local area but very few piste-end venues. Plus, La Kinkerne was one of the first apres bars in the whole area! It feels right to breathe life back into the old place. You’ll see the screens and you’ll hear the music as you ski down the home run”.

What is Sun:Sets On The Slopes not? “It’s not a couple of pissed up DJs throwing together an apres party. This first event is just a taste of things to come. The second Sun:Sets On The Slopes takes place on 23rd March and our end of season party on 6th April, featuring Danny Howard will be a much bigger party. Monster Energy are bringing along their pro snowboarders too, and the whole thing will be streamed live on my radio show.”

Why now? And why here? “I’ve been watching what’s going on musically here in Morzine for a while now. I think the three resorts are on the cusp of something huge and I want to be part of that. Sun:Sets On The Slopes has been a long time in the planning and we’ve had to work closely with the various local authorities to make it happen.”

Chicane has been producing music for 20 years. “That makes me feel really old.” Yes, and us too. There’ll be a new album to celebrate, including 20 old hits reworked and a Sun:Sets compilation album too. Plans are also underway for two special live events, one at London’s Roundhouse theatre featuring a live orchestra and another in Ibiza. Find out more at

Sun:Sets On The Slopes – Our Exclusive Chicane Interview
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