Summer Swimming in Morzine

Here you’ll find the Morzine indoor / outdoor swimming pool combo opening dates, times and prices.  And they aren’t as straight forward as you might expect!

The indoor swimming pool opens on 1st June and the outdoor pool opens on 29th June. The outdoor pool closes on 2nd September and the indoor pool closes on 3rd November.

Between 1st June and 28th June the opening times for the indoor pool will be as follows:

Monday12noon – 7pm
Tuesday12noon – 7pm
Wednesday11am – 7pm
Thursday12noon – 7pm
Friday12noon – 7pm
Saturday11am – 7pm
Sunday11am – 7pm

Between 29th June and 1st September both the indoor and outdoor pools will be open as follows:

DayIndoor PoolOutdoor PoolRelaxation Space
Monday8am – 7pm9am – 7pm2pm – 7pm
Tuesday8am – 7pm9am – 7pm2pm – 7pm
Wednesday8am – 7pm9am – 7pm2pm – 7pm
Thursday8am – 7pm9am – 7pm2pm – 7pm
Friday8am – 7pm9am – 7pm2pm – 7pm
Saturday10am – 7pm10am – 7pm2pm – 7pm
Sunday10am – 7pm10am – 7pm2pm – 7pm

After the outdoor pool closes on 2nd September, the indoor pool will stay open using the early season opening hours (see the table for 1st June – 28th June). The Relaxation Centre closes at the end of August.


If you have a MultiPass Premium, access to the whole swimming centre is €2.00 per visit between 8th June and 8th September.

Adults (aged 18 and over)

€6.00 per session

€27.00 per 5 sessions

€108.00 for the whole summer season

€210 for the year

Children (aged 6 – 17 years)

€4.00 per session

€18.00 per 5 sessions

€72.00 for the whole summer season

Last Hour (between 6pm and 7pm each evening)

Adults – €4.00

Children – €2.50

Seniors aged 70 and over swim for free

Children aged 5 and under swim for free

Groups of more than 15 people are priced at €5.50 per adult and €2.50 per child

Relaxation Space (for adults aged 16 and over)

€12.00 per entry

€54.00 per 5 entries

€60.00 per 10 entires

€45.00 per week

€90.00 per month

€216.00 per year

Entry to the relaxation space without access to the swimming pool is priced at €8.00 per adult.

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