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Still hunting for seasonaire accommodation?

Tim from the Tasty Ski Company is back with this week’s blog. If you’re still on the hunt for seasonaire accommodation in Morzine, Les Gets or Avoriaz for this winter, then read on…

So you’ve finally landed your dream job in Morzine for winter 2013/14. If you are working as a chalet chef or host, chances are you’ll have your accommodation organised for you by your employer. However, there are lots of jobs out there that do not include seasonaire accommodation and it is up to you to find a pillow for the season.

Here are a few things to look out for in Morzine:

Location Location Location:

Morzine is a large town and more spread out than your typical alpine ski resort. If you are looking forward to spending the small hours of the morning in a central Morzine bar, then make sure that your accommodation is within walking distance. There are lots of pockets on the outskirts of Morzine that have lots of seasonnaire accommodation, particularly along the Route de la Plagne.

Smelly Socks:

Space comes at a premium in Morzine so your accommodation will not be particularly glamorous. Be prepared for cramped living conditions where your housemates’ ski stuff will be left to dry in your living room. Remember that you won’t be spending very much time in your accommodation so don’t be too worried if you don’t have Sky TV or a power shower! You’re not on holiday after all…


This can vary dramatically depending on what you go for. An apartment for just one person comes at a premium, even if it is just a studio. It will be much cheaper to share a bedroom with someone else in a large shared chalet. There are a number of excellent companies that specialise in organising shared accommodation. However they can be quite expensive and better deals can be found through independent owners. If you know someone who is part of the Morzine ‘Vallee Expats’ emailing list then ask them to put a request out for you.

On a Bus Route:

If you’ve found your dream apartment but it is on the outskirts of town, make sure it is on the bus route. The ski buses are free in Morzine and generally run at regular intervals. If you don’t have a car in resort then this will be the best way to get to work, and most importantly to hit the slopes each day!

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