Snow-Camp launch new 5NOW campaign across the UK

Source Magazine’s favourite charity Snow-Camp has launched a new initiative this summer to provide even more inner-city kids with the chance to try snow sports. The charity, which has been supporting youths across London since 2003, has launched 5NOW to raise important funds for expansion out of London and into Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow. Money raised will be used to introduce kids to snow sports and take them on a journey right through to becoming a qualified snowsports instructor.

Olympic Bronze medallist Jenny Jones, who is a Patron of the charity said:

‘It’s great to be here and support the work of Snow-Camp. I love the way the charity uses my sport to support young people who wouldn’t ever get the chance to get involved in snowsports – and beyond that, enables them to get qualifications and access to employment in the snowsports industry! I have seen how Snow-Camp has made such a positive influence on those in London and I think it could do the same for young people across the country.’  

Snow-Camp’s programmes combine snowsports, life-skills and work experience to engage, challenge and motivate young people. With the rise in indoor snow centres across the UK Snow-Camp’s ambitious campaign will significantly increase participation in snowsports for inner-city young people considerably.

The snowsports industry is very supportive of the charity, with many companies providing apprenticeship placements each year to Snow-Camp young people and auction items on the night. The Live and Silent Auction along with pledges of support on the night raised more than £25,000, setting off Snow-Camp’s national fundraising campaign.

Snow-Camp programmes have been commended for their innovation and effectiveness, and the charity was awarded the Freedom of the City of London in 2013 for its services to youth work. Dan Charlish said, ‘We try to keep focused on what we know works: Using snowsports engages and motivates young people. Gaining qualifications, training and employment changes their future.’

You’ll find more information on 5NOW on the Snow-Camp website.

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