Shred Gratify Goggle

We think Shred’s new Gratify – I know, we wanted to say Gravity too! – looks awesome.

That’s what matters most with goggles really, isn’t it?! The frameless lens design is the perfect size, and the lens colour (check out that Ice/Deep Blue) and strap colour options all look super modern, suiting everyone from racers to freestylers. Of course, Ted Ligety, being one of the former group and co-founder of Shred, is mega excited that they are releasing a load of new tech along with the new shape: “The performance and testing of Gratify has exceeded our expectations…” declares Sir Shred.

Besides the Contrast Boosting Lens 2.0 they’ve added NoDistortion tech, aimed to provide crystal clear vision during altitude changes (which sounds very sophisticated), and NoClog Hydrophobic treatment on vents to reduce, er, clogging and help prevent fogging. Shred, has also been working on how to be more sustainable for a while, being one of the first to remove plastic packaging from their products. We approve!

what they say?

Are you searching for the best performing ski and snowboard goggle that defeats FLAT LIGHT while providing the widest field of vision in the game and a distinctive, sleek, and frameless cylindrical lens style? If so, SHRED. Gratify is your best choice. It offers superior fit and comfort and features our revolutionary CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS™ 2.0 (CBL 2.0)* technology to DEFEAT FLAT LIGHT and greatly enhance vision performance in ALL weather and light conditions. Combined with NODISTORTION™ technology, it maintains perfect image clarity and eliminates optical distortion at all altitudes. The SHRED.wide™ design ensures a maximized field of view, allowing you to see more of the mountain and its terrain. Boost your confidence and performance for endless fun up and down the mountains. SHRED. Gratify is compatible with most prescription glasses (OTG).

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Shred Gratify Goggle
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