September’s Source Social

September’s Source Social…

Will be twice as useful.

Tuesday 9th September – 10am – 6pm
Hotel Le Cottage, Morzine

During our monthly Source Socials, local businesses book in for a free 30 minute social media MOT. We tell you how we use Facebook and Twitter to promote Morzine, Les Gets and Avoriaz, and we give you practical ideas on how you can do the same to grow your own business. Book your slot now.

morzine-video-productionThis time round, you’ll get twice as much useful, free advice. Source Social sessions are also available with local professional videographer Stew Monk from Reel Property TV. Stew’s an expert on the power of video as an online marketing tool. We want local businesses to embrace the potential of video content as we believe there’s no better way to showcase the local area. Stew’s session will cover how and why video is quickly becoming the most effective way to engage your market, and how you can create a plan for this winter. Book a session with Stew now.

What’s happening at the Source Social?

We’re allocating 30 minutes of one-on-one free advice to every local business that wants to get involved. And no, there isn’t a catch. We’ll go through your current social media set-up and show you how to interact with Source’s social messages to benefit your own. You can then follow this up with an essential video content briefing from Stew Monk.

But I don’t even know what all this social nonsense is about?

This free session is exactly what you need. We want you to scream and shout about all that’s great in Morzine, Les Gets and Avoriaz so that the whole resort benefits. If your nervous about getting started, let us help you.

Is it really free?

It certainly is. As we hopefully demonstrated at April’s Source Suppliers Show, there’s a real benefit to working together and social media is the cornerstone of this in the travel industry. Plus, we also like meeting new folk and finding out what’s going on in your business.

What makes you such an expert on the subject?

Our social media performance speaks for itself. Last week our Facebook activity reached 11,700 people. Check out our insights data here.

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