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How the mountains inspired me…

By Kim Dekker

“I’m Dutch and I’ve been living in Morzine since 2001. A couple of years ago I went into one of the local shops to buy myself a new beanie hat. Winter was coming and all the new ranges were available. Unbelievably, despite having what I’d call a ‘regular’ sized head, I couldn’t find one beanie hat to fit me. I’d been outside in the mountains all day, surrounded by bold colours and fresh air, and this made all of the hats on offer look boring and dull. I thought to myself, ‘I can do better than this’. So I did.

Last year I launched my headwear brand Stardust Factory. I invested in all the equipment I needed to knit my own hats and I started designing everything myself. Word spread and very soon I was getting lots of good feedback. Snowboarders liked them because they were baggy and fun. Girls liked them because they could personalise the colours and the sizes. Kids liked them because I could include their favourite cartoon character or even their name within the knit.

I think that when anyone starts a new business, their biggest challenge is learning new skills and being inspired creatively to produce something that is unique and special. Living in the mountains certainly helps to get those creative juices flowing. And the most rewarding part? Sitting on a chairlift next to a complete stranger who’s wearing one of my hats!”

Check out the Stardust Factory website for the full Stardust range. Stardust beanies and headbands are available to buy in Morzine at Slopestyle and Beanies Coffee, both on the Rue du Bourg.

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