Our Favourite Five Rainy Day Activities in Morzine

There’s no denying that Morzine is one of the best destinations for mountain biking, hiking, lake swimming and straight-up chilling in the summer. But the sad truth is…. sometimes it rains. Don’t worry, it’s ok, because there are still plenty of activities to keep you occupied when the heavens open. And they’re even pretty fun. You won’t find going to the cinema or curling up with a good book on our list (although they are legit in their own right), Morzine really brings the goods in wet weather. From the adventurous to the downright cosy, here are our top five rainy day activities in Morzine:

Image: Frogs Rafting

White Water Rafting

Rafting is great because it doesn’t have to be hot and sunny to make the most of it. In fact, the more it’s rained before you go, the more exciting your river journey is likely to be. Obviously you can’t raft in the middle of a massive storm because that’s pretty dangerous, but if it’s cloudy, muddy, windy and drizzly, get yourself down to the river stat for some mega rafting fun! We recommend you use our friends down at Frogs Rafting for a fun-filled day out on La Dranse, and check out all the other adventurous activities they have on offer, too!


Another adventurous rainy day activity that gets you out the chalet is canyoning. If you’re gonna get wet anyway you may as well rappel into a waterfall right? If you’re not familiar with canyoning it’s basically putting on a wetsuit and climbing around / up / sliding down / lowering yourself into natural rock formations which have water running through them – very fun. Morzine and the surrounding areas have some great canyoning terrain, and the ideal people to take you are the guys from 7Adventures (who celebrated their 30th birthday this year!). They will provide you with all the equipment you need and can take you to Nyon in Morzine or Celui d’Ubine in the Abondance Valley.

Get a Relaxing Massage

If you’re here in the summer, chances are you may have been hitting it pretty hard on the action sport front, so why not take some time out to wind down and smooth out those aches and pains when the rain comes? Nicole at Mobile Mountain Massage and Bev and the team at Morzine Massage have lovely treatment rooms and also come to your accommodation so you and your crew can get a lovely relaxing treatment without even having to leave the chalet.

Recharge with Some Yoga

Want to make the most of your time indoors? Yoga is a great way to recharge your batteries ready for the next sunny day. It also stretches, strengthens and tones your muscles in a non-impactful way, and improves your balance. If you’ve had a beastly few days on the bike, a bit of yoga could work wonders, and even help reduce your risk of injury next time you go up. Ambika Yoga and Maureen Hansman are exceptionally well-qualified teachers who can do a private or small group session with you at your accommodation.

Image: La Grange

Enjoy Some Culinary Delights

Whether you’re indulging in some cake at Satellite Coffee, having a traditional raclette at La Grange or getting a damn fine meal cooked for you in your chalet by Chez Toi or Chalet Chefs, a bad weather day is the perfect excuse to veg out and try some new and exciting dishes. You could even visit the Alpage Fruitière (artisan cheese factory) in Morzine for a guided tour, or sample some classic French cheeses at the wine and cheese bar in the basement of La Chamade. Yum.


Our Favourite Five Rainy Day Activities in Morzine
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