Prism Tantalum Technical Snow Bags

This is no ordinary rucksack. Technical snow bags from Prism come complete with a removable back protector plate to help keep you safe on the mountain, whether you’re skiing, snowboarding or mountain biking. The modular design makes the bag flexible and adaptable, according to your sport of choice.

With the 33l snow module, there’s plenty of space for essentials, including a dedicated ski goggle pocket conveniently located at the top of the bag, a waterproof, touch-sensitive pocket, a shovel and probe slot stowed in a quick-release pocket and ski or ice axe pockets too. We found the snowboard or split board straps to be very handy and the adjustable chest belt with four attachment levels was comfortable and easy to use. This one bag does it all.

what they say

The modular and technical Tantalus 33L Blue Lagoon / Grey Iron is a complete backpack with approved back protection (removable) for mountain biking, skiing, motorcycling, snowboarding, and also hiking… Lightweight and practical, takes only the minimum for an outing of a few hours.

Technical specifications of the Backbone

  • Dimensions: 54cm x 28cm x 5cm
  • Weight: base + back protection = 815g
  • Composition: Nylon 210D R/S PU3 / N190 Taffeta
  • Colors: Grey Iron or Black Shiny

Equipment of the Gravity Back Base

  • Adjustable chest belt with 4 attachment levels
  • Straps adaptable to both male and female morphologies
  • Wide waist belt for a transfer of portage and also a freedom of movement of the upper body
  • Space for a water bag
  • Waist belt for full back protection
  • Compatible with all water pockets (up to 3 liters)

The back base is also provided with a removable protection standard EN-1621-2 level 1. Flexible, this one ensures an optimal protection while remaining very light for the engaged sportsman.
Composition of the back protection: BIOELASTAN. Bioelastan is a superior intelligent foam that uses patented technology to provide unprecedented levels of impact safety and comfort for extreme or committed sports (mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling, hiking,…). It is composed of innovative materials that become instantly rigid upon impact, but adapt to body movement when protection is not required. The unique physical molecular structure absorbs and distributes energy away from the impact zone, thereby significantly reducing the impact forces transmitted to the body.

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