Nidecker Supermatic Bindings

Nidecker tell us that snowboarding has been waiting for these bindings and we’re happy to inform you that they are not wrong.

They’re special because they’re the first universal, dual-entry, automatic bindings on the market, they don’t require specific boots from any particular brand and after four years in development, they’ll likely change the game entirely.

You’re wondering how they work, aren’t you? Push your foot in from the back of the binding before stepping down on the heel pedal. This automatically engages the bindings and that’s literally it. You’re ready to go and when you’re done shredding, there’s a simple release lever.

There’s no fiddly mechanism to get clogged with snow and because they’ve been tested in all conditions, you can rely on them whether you’re lapping the park or getting steep and deep in fresh powder.

What they say

After four years in the making, Nidecker’s Supermatic is the first universal dual entry automatic step in snowboard binding. This is what snowboarders have been waiting for and Nidecker has delivered.

What sets the Supermatic apart from Step On® bindings is its universal compatibility with any brand and model snowboard boot on the market!

The Supermatic’s Drop-In technology supplies that customary lock-in feel. However, the Locking Slap Ratchet has an automatic closure system which remembers your measurements from the first time you step in. Now you’ll have the same fit and feel and won’t have to tighten each time. Or if you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, you can continue using them as regular buckles.

A heel pedal activates the automatic closure and folding down of the hiback and creates an opening for your boot. The heel pedal is designed to avoid snow build-up and a Heelcup Roller and Slip-N-Grip Plate guide the boot smoothly upon entry and exit. To release, an ergonomic lever is located on the medial side of the baseplate and is protected from anything that could accidentally trigger it.

With the help of Active Straps, you are assured the same tightness as the first time you step in. The straps also have a Hybrid design to give more efficient energy transfer and also means you can afford to wear them a bit loser than you normally would.

The Supermatic step in bindings are ALSO fitted with the Asym Rockered Matic-Series baseplate and heelcup. This version is constructed with glass-filled nylon, which is very light yet extremely durable with plenty of stiffness for an extra response when carving. The asymmetrical design provides optimal energy transfer while the rockered corners on the baseplate give a natural flex for precise and comfortable movement. This makes it ideal for riders who want to have a comfortable ride across a range of terrains and snow conditions. Nidecker has also used ExoFrame straps at the ankle for even more durability and response.

Finally, the Supermatic step in bindings contain a webbed 3D hinged Auxetic pattern that is extremely lightweight and forms evenly around the ankle and toe so you can get a comfortable, tight fit for extra performance.

Designed to work with any brand or model boot, the Nidecker Supermatic is a lightweight, strong and responsive snowboard step in binding that will offer top performance in all types of terrain and conditions.


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