New this Winter in the Lil’ Stash Avoriaz

The Stash Avoriaz
Photo: Avoriaz Office de Tourisme

The Lil’ Stash eco-friendly snow park in Avoriaz has always been a major hit with families, kids and anyone making their way back to Morzine via the Super Morzine gondola. The little jumps, wooden boxes and sculptures are enough to make even the biggest of kids smile. Last year the Lil’ Stash became an even bigger hit with the addition of a suspended cabin in the forest and walkways between the trees, and this year it’s set to become an EVEN BIGGER hit thanks to more exciting additions.


The Stash Avoriaz

Look our for new games and sculptures amongst the trees this winter. Photo: Avoriaz Office de Tourisme

You might remember that over the summer Avoriaz upped their BBQ game with the addition of four new gas barbecues, two of which reside in the Lil’ Stash. Very excitingly, the barbecues and a wood-crafted picnic area will be available for anyone to use throughout the winter. We’re not sure about you but we’re already imagining lunchtime trips to the Avoriaz Carrefour in the spring followed by barbecued merguez and sunbathing in the Lil’ Stash. The picnic area itself even includes beautifully-carved tables and chairs for your dining pleasure, an absolute lifesaver when there’s snow on the ground, as well as an eco-friendly fridge (we mean snow!) where you can keep your drinks cool. The barbecues and picnic area will be open to the public all winter within the lift opening hours.

The other addition to the Lil’ Stash this year will be wooden games hidden in the trees, providing little skiers and snowboarders with even more fun activities in the treetops. We’ve even heard rumours of a banana-shaped swing from Stash wood sculptor, Simon Leclerc! Make sure you look out for his sculptures this winter; he’s responsible for creating the Lil Stash sculptures, including Shreddie’s best friend, the rabbit-cat and a life-sized Shreddie.

The Stash Avoriaz

The unveiling of the BBQ and picnic area in the Lil Stash over the summer: Photo: Avoriaz1800

But perhaps the best thing about the Stash and the Lil Stash is their completely eco-friendly construction. Made from sustainably sourced wood, including offcuts and misshapen timber, these fun and family-orientated snow parks are a way of making skiing and snowboarding fun in a sustainable manner.

Find out more about the Stash and Lil’ Stash by following Avoriaz1800 on Instagram or heading to Avoriaz.com, you can also check out Simon Leclerc’s creations on Instagram or at cimes-creations.com.


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