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Round our neck of the woods, ramps to tackle on your bike, skateboard, scooter or skates can be found at every turn.

Nature made them for your jumping pleasure! If your little one starts to show an interest in ramps during this summer’s mountain holiday, but they’re less available back home, check out the MTB Hopper. This portable ramp takes just 15 seconds to assemble from scratch, you can change the angle of the kick and the height can be adjusted between 270mm and 310mm. It’s even coated with a special surface treatment to make it grippy when wet.

What they say

We have created a ramp to be used with MTB or BMX bikes as a starter-level ramp or for smaller-wheel sports:

  • skateboards,
  • scooters,
  • rollerskates and more!

Very convenient to carry around with your bike, skateboards, scooter, etc.

The bright color of the ramp will make you more visible on the road.

Super easy & fast assembly. It assembles in 15 seconds!

INTRO is designed for daily workouts and location explorations. You can change the angle of the kick, which gives the ramp a different character. The height can be adjusted from 270 to 310 mm.

Adjustable legs and flexible materials make the ramp stable on various surfaces. Rubber bands on the legs of the ramp will ensure maximum stability even on slippery surfaces.

Special CNC surface treatment and specific paint make the ramp grippy at any weather conditions.

1. Product dimensions with packaging: 450 x 660 x 180 mm
2. Product weight with packaging: 5,5 kg
3. Product dimensions without packaging: 440 x 650 x 170 mm
4. Weight without packaging: 5 kg
5. Constructed ramp dimensions: 440 x 900 x 310 mm

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Cost: €169.00
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