Morzine’s Upcoming Elections

While we’re all still speculating on how Brexit will eventually impact our lives here in the mountains, here’s one thing we do know for sure. British citizens living in France can no longer vote in the forthcoming municipal elections. Why is this important? There are a variety of very important issues facing our local community at the moment. From climate change to improved facilities and services for locals. From the development of tourism infrastructure to EMA, the proposed new link between Morzine and Avoriaz. At a time when having your say and using your vote has become more important than ever, us Brits lost this right when we lost of European citizenship. It’s also important to understand that this was a decision taken at government level, rather than locally.

Now, that might sound like an impossible situation. How can we affect change if we can’t vote? Fortunately the two candidates for the mayoral position in Morzine have developed a very clear commitment to engage with the local British community, even though we can’t actually vote. And for those of us who’ve lived here for years, this is a monumental change.

To back up this commitment to engage with British residents, both sides of the debate have engaged directly with Morzine Source Magazine. In the text that follows below, British-born Francesca Eyre explains the new role she’s taking on our current mayor Gérard Berger’s team. In a follow-up post, we’ll share with you the vision of Morzine Ensemble Autrement, an opposition group comprised of local business owners from across the generations.

“For those who don’t know me, I would like to introduce myself to you all. My name is Francesca Eyre (yes, the same lady who lost her puppy and thank you for all helping us!)

I have lived in Morzine for 27 years, so I have seen a lot of changes over my time here. Morzine has exploded as a destination to visit on holiday. As you might all be aware there are elections in March for all French Nationals. This is to re-elect or vote in a new committee to represent the Mairie of Morzine Avoriaz and to make important decisions on the progression of Morzine Avoriaz. I have been invited to join Gérard Berger and his team “Morzine Avoriaz Naturellement”

I have decided to join Gérard, as I feel his ideas for the future of Morzine Avoriaz are realistic and very necessary. Things need to change for the environment urgently (the traffic, the pollution) and we need to become a safer, more ecological, pedestrian/bike friendly village. The present and future generations of Morzine/Avoriaz need to be brought closer together with easy access to both areas but at the same time Morzine Avoriaz need to keep their original characters ‘Village and Avoriaz le Fantastique’

I was born in the 70’s: ancient to some and young to others. I have 3 children and have had French Nationality for a few years now. I was bought up in the UK and lived in Ireland, however most of my life I have lived in Morzine. My husband Paul is British, and my eldest son Ben is on the HCMA Morzine Penguins ice hockey team. My daughter Eloïse was massively involved with the ski club, football and judo club, and is now based in the UK playing football for the DS squad Brighton Hove Albion. Finally my youngest son Jamie, goes to lycée in St Gervais and is on the National U16 French ice hockey team. So we have been hugely involved with the sporting side of Morzine for many years.

I have been asked to join the Conseil d’Administration and if ‘Morzine Avoriaz Naturellement’ are voted in, then I am here as a liaison between the tourists and the foreign businesses in the area. I am not here to change the world but to help anyone with issues or to pass on constructive advice in the area, or to put you in touch with the right contact, so please email me if I can help. I do speak French, English and my son speaks German, so I should be able to listen and respond to most of our community.

My role is to help liaise and make positive steps between the tourists and foreigners living here. My private email is francesca.eyre@gmail.com. My ears are always open, though i’d prefer to discuss your ideas and issues privately, rather than on a social media forum or website. (though I also need to add I am away at the other side of the world in March so it might take me longer to respond).


49 ans
D’origine Anglaise-Irlandaise, je vis à Morzine depuis 27 ans et suis maintenant de nationalité française.


Membre du conseil d’administration à Office de Tourism de Morzine. Représentantes des entreprises internationales.
Je m’impliquée dans de nombreuses associations sportives avec mes enfants : HC74, SCMVA, Judo Club Portes du Soleil


Faire plus de liens entre la communauté anglo-saxonne et les habitants de Morzine pour apporter des idées, nouvelles et constructives.

Je soutient fortement le projet EMA pour aider à limiter la circulation et la pollution dans notre vallée et pour améliorer le confort pour des touristes qui viennent à Morzine-Avoriaz. Je veux que notre destination reste dans les plus hauts mondial et ouvert à l’année.  


On doit réunir plus fortement les habitants d’Avoriaz et Morzine et leurs donner une meilleure qualité de vie. C’est très importante pour les générations futurs. 

Pour moi, limiter la traffic sur la route et redonner au village du calme est essentiel à l’avenir. 

Header image by Oliver Godbold / Morzine Office de Tourisme

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