Morzine to Extend Winter Season by Helicoptering Snow from Samoëns

This article was our contribution to April Fool’s Day 2017 – we hope you enjoyed it!

It has been announced today that Morzine will be pulling out all the stops to extend their lift opening date until the 25th April. The Morzine and Les Gets ski resorts usually close in mid-April, around a week or two before higher-altitude neighbouring resort, Avoriaz. But this year, with the news that Avoriaz would be closing a week earlier than usual, the Morzine officials decided to step up and do something to keep the people of Morzine skiing for longer.

‘And how are they going to do that?’ We hear you cry. Morzine resort management confirmed yesterday that they’ve struck a deal with Samoëns, a resort in the Grand Massif just down the road. It was agreed that excess snow will be taken from the Samoëns ski area and transported to Morzine to cover the lower slopes in resort, like those on the Pleney, where coverage is scarce. Snow will be transported by helicopter and local farmers will also be getting involved by bringing large quantities of snow up the valley by truck and tractor. This is going to be a large scale operation so Morzine officials are asking locals to get involved and help out; if it’s successful Morzine will be able to carry on the venture next year. Snow-moving is due to start next weekend, so if you have vehicle capable of transporting large amounts of snow, or you’d like to help with logistics and shovelling, CLICK HERE.


It may not look like much now but a bit of extra snow could make all the difference!

‘This new deal could be very beneficial for Morzine as a ski resort,’ a resort spokesperson told us. ‘Yes, it is time consuming and will take many people to make it work, but if it is successful it will bring Morzine up to speed with Avoriaz and bring more people to the resort in the late season.’

We, for one, are really looking forward to the Pleney’s late-season face-lift, and we will definitely be getting involved as much as possible. It may not have been the best year for snow, but we think it’s great that the good folk who run Morzine are trying to make the most of it. Don’t forget, if you want to get involved you need to register HERE, and we’ll see you next weekend!

Morzine to Extend Winter Season by Helicoptering Snow from Samoëns
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