Making a Big Splash: We chat to the guy behind Splash Morgins

If you haven’t already heard of Splash Waterslides, then prepare yourself. Every city, town, village and mountain resort should have one. There is one in Mogins RIGHT NOW until the 6th August, you may have heard us mention it a few times…! But what does it take to erect a temporary, inflatable 500-metre long waterslide on a piste? Founder Sebastiaan Boogaard tells all…

“I live in Holland, which is a pretty flat country, as you probably know. But my hometown of Nijmegen near the German boarder has some hills and I’d just watched a video of a waterslide event in the US on YouTube. Inspired to create a bigger and better version, I pitched the idea to my boss at the events marketing company I worked for. In 2016 we launched the first waterside event in the middle of Nijmegen; it was 150-metres long and trailed right through the city centre. We sold 6000 tickets for the three-day event and Splash your City was born.

Splash your Mountain is interesting for ski resorts who want to add more awesome activities to their summer season programme and we’re delighted to be working with Morgins in the Portes du Soleil this summer. With Splash your City, it can often be difficult to find locations that are steep enough for a waterslide. But in the mountains, we have plenty of opportunities!

When Splash your City or Splash your Mountain arrives in a destination, everyone starts talking about the event. There’s a lot of media attention so a resort can really distinguish itself from similar destinations. Europe’s biggest waterslide is coming to Morgins this summer and that’s big news. The slide itself will be specially created by an expert Dutch manufacturer and it will be 500-metres long. We’ve made some adaptions to ensure it’s entirely tethered to the ground, but otherwise it’s easier to create a slide for the mountains than for the city. And on this slide you’ll reach speeds of up to 55kmph!

Even though a 500-metre long side is the longest in Europe, if there’s space, we can build a much longer one – we’re always open to suggestions for new locations! We could build a 1200-metre version if you know a piste that’s 1200-metres long! Maybe we can bring Splash your Mountain to the Morzine valley very soon.”

If you want to head over to Morgins and ride the slide, make sure you read our checklist so you can be fully prepared! The event is on until the 6th August and you can buy tickets HERE.

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