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Look after your pipes this winter!

It might only be the end of October but this weekend’s snow fall is a timely reminder of what it’s like to live in the mountains. This week we’ll be blogging about practical things that you can do now to keep yourself warm, safe and legal during the winter season. And we’re starting with plumbing…

As OuiOui Plumbing in Morzine told us, there are a few things you can do right now so that your plumber can spend more time skiing this winter!

– Turn on the heating to a low setting in bathrooms and in rooms where there are water pipes to keep the room temperature above freezing.

– If you have an outside tap, isolate it from the inside. Leave the taps open and drain them.

– If you’re lucky enough to have a hot tub, either completely drain it or fill it up in the anti-freeze mode. If you decide to drain it, it’s a good idea to put anti-freeze (alcool  a bruler is recommended) into the filter basket.

– If there are parts of your home that you’re not using for a long time, it’s a good idea to turn the toilets off at the inlet tap, then flush them to empty the cistern. Putting a cup of anti-freeze in the cistern and in the bowl will prevent water from freezing and cracking the porcelain.

– Pour a little anti-freeze into the U bends of hand basis, showers and baths to stop water freezing and cracking fittings when it gets REALLY cold.

If a disaster does happen, contact ouiouiplumbing@gmail.com

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