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New Chavannes to Mont Chery Lift – Work Begins

As is usually the case when a new ski lift is proposed, the development of a link between the Chavannes side of Les Gets just next to the school and the lake, and Mont Chery mid station has been surrounded by chat, rumour and opinion since we first heard the idea last summer. Pictures posted on Facebook from different unofficial sources over the last couple of weeks, such as this one posted by Soleil de Minuit  last month suggested that land on either side of the new lift was being cleared for construction.


The most recent Bulletin Municipal from Les Gets’ Mairie mentions the project briefly, suggesting that planning and approvals are in the final stages and includes this image of the proposed route.


We contacted the Les Gets Office de Tourisme to get the official word on the new lift development. Their response was surprise – they weren’t aware of any confirmed new lift development beginning construction. So off  we went into the hills to investigate. If these pictures don’t show the foundations of a new lift station on the Chavannes in the exact spot indicated on the Mairie drawings above, then we’d love to know what’s going on!




So has construction of the new lift link already begun? One Les Gets local told us that the project is full steam ahead, and apart from a few objections from Les Gets locals who’d prefer to see investment in replacing the Ranfolly and Rosta chairlifts first, everything is moving forward. What isn’t certain at the moment is a completion date! Here at Source Magazine we will of course keep you posted on confirmed developments and what we’re seeing on the ground…

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