K2 Mindbender 99Ti / 98Ti Alliance

K2’s new Mindbender collection is one of the most hotly anticipated line-ups in years.

With widths ranging from 85mm up to the burly 116mm, it was the 99Ti right in the middle (and the women’s 98Ti Alliance; same ski but with a female-specific flex pattern) that caused the biggest stir among skiers at this year’s SIGB industry ski test due to its mindbending (sorry) versatility.

The ‘ti’ stands for titanal, and there is a Y-shaped sheet of the wonder-metal in the ski, creating a stiff forebody and tip for power and stability – this is a ski with seemingly no speed limit.

The shovel-like tip means that it floats beautifully in all but the deepest pow, and the torsionally softer and thus more manoeuvrable tail allows you to scrub off speed if the terrain gets a little tight/tricky!

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