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The BOA lace system seems to be cropping up everywhere at the moment. I checked their website and it seems you can even buy BOAlaced golf shoes!

Clearly the idea has gained some traction, as people look for a more secure, comfortable fit than laces or buckles. BOA has been available on many ski touring boots (and snowboard boots) for years, but not for alpine skiing. Until now – enter the new H+i1 dial and cable. Available on K2’s Anthem boot (women’s), Recon boot (men’s) and Mindbender boots (women’s/men’s), the system is incredibly robust, beautifully wrapping the shell around your foot, without undue pressure hot spots some people experience using a traditional buckle closure.

As for the durability, K2 says the BOA wheels have been impact-tested for all types of skiing so durability should be as good as buckles. An interesting option for those looking for another degree of comfort and simplicity. Check out the BOA models also on offer from Fischer, Salomon and Atomic.

what they say?

In collaboration with BOA® Fit Systems – K2’s redesigned its boots deliver a better “wrap” with even more pressure distribution across the foot with the all-new Mindbender, Recon, and Anthem BOA® collections. Eliminating traditional boot fitting pain points like hotspots caused by overtightened buckles. This innovation changes traditional boot fitting methods, delivering all new levels of micro-adjustability at the intersection of performance and comfort.

The BOA® Fit System delivers dialed in performance and a micro-adjustable precision fit. It consists of three integral parts: a micro-adjustable dial, lightweight yet extremely strong laces and low-friction lace guides, which are applied in uniquely designed configurations to improve the fit and performance of the boot.

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