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Planning Your Ski Day Just Got Easier in Les Gets

Image: N.Joly

We’ve probably all used the Google Maps Route Planner at some point in our lives – you know, the one that tells you how long it’ll take to get to the airport via train, bus, car or on foot? Usually reserved for big cities where public transport is the main means of transportation, this wonderful little corner of Google Maps is incredibly helpful in getting you where you want to go as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This winter, Les Gets will be uploading its bus timetables and stop locations to Google Maps to help holiday makers better plan their days on the slopes. You’ll be able to find all the Les Gets bus information , easily work out which is your closest stop and what time the next bus will arrive with an app you probably already have on your phone. Genius! Gone will be the days of waiting around for a bus to show up, trying to make sense of online timetables and trying to work out which stop to get off at, Google Maps will provide you with all the information you need to make catching the bus in your ski gear less stressful.

One of the best things about this new development is that it will get more people using the busses instead of relying on cars to get to the slopes. Les Gets has been making a big effort to reduce its carbon footprint over the past few years, beginning a few summers ago with self-service electric bikes at different points around town, as well as charging stations for electric cars at the golf course, Parking des Perrieres and most recently, Parking de Mont Chéry. While not many of us have electric cars (yet), public busses are a great way to get around town, avoid the endless hunt for parking spaces and will help reduce your carbon footprint; we hope more resorts in the area will follow suit!


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