Grassroots flying carpet 140

You’re wondering why anyone might try binding-free snowboarding in powder, but powdsurfing has grown from it’s Japanese roots and is gaining momentum across Europe.

It’s much harder to keep your balance on a powsurf board, but the objective here is flow. Pow surfing is much slower, it feels a lot like actual surfing and this Flying Carpet from Grassroots is a great place to start. At 140cm in length, it’s agile, poppy and lively with a great float.

It enjoys shallower snow conditions and comes in a variety of different widths to accommodate powsurfers of all shapes and sizes. The exotic wood versions look amazing too. Jeremy Jensen has been hand crafting pow surfers since 2007 and has perfected the art.

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The Flying Carpet 140cm 3D Powsurfer has extra volume that gives this board ample float while maintaining solid performance in shallower depths and tricky snow. It’s shorter length makes for a very fun, playful ride without sacrificing great floatation. Stable ride at high speeds yet agile in the tighter more technical terrain. Perfect for charging big mountain lines or cruising mellow flowing hills. This board has been a crew favorite for the past few years. Exclusively available with our CDC 3-Dimensional Base Technology for the highest performance in all conditions and the most aggressive and responsive ride possible.

Available in a wide variety of sizes to perfectly fit any boot size and rider size. Choose from X-Narrow, Narrow, Standard, Wide and the mammoth X-wide.

See this board in action, ridden by the best powsurfers in the world in our short film series titled “The Powsurf Chronicles.

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