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For a growing number of people, the Alpine dream doesn’t start and end with a ski holiday. Your weekly winter fix may be just as likely as Kevin McCloud to inspire a mountain building project. If you’ve been sitting on such a project for a little while, thinking it’d be too complicated or too expensive to bring to life, let us introduce you to Steven Downs.

“At ECSUS Design we use a highly insulated and cost eff ective method of constructing quality homes in the Alps” Steven explains. SIPS (structurally insulated panels to you and I) are designed and prefabricated off -site, and they’re also an exceptionally quick way to build a thermally efficient home. “Our houses can be built in days using timber frame panels that are so well insulated, in some cases they can eliminate heating bills altogether”. Clients go to Steven with a variety of objectives. Some want a fully managed project, others are after a self build solution. As an architect, Steven matches the needs, capabilities and budgets of his clients, with their dream Alpine home.

Here’s just one example from down the road in Samoens, where even at -10 degrees last winter, the very happy owner used almost no heating whatsoever.

ECSUS Design is the design partner of CLIX Construction Systems the exclusive delivery partner for Kingspan TEK building systems in France.

For more information visit www.ecsusdesign.com and www.clixcs.com

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