Extreme Rescuers: A new event for Avoriaz

This winter Avoriaz will be hosting a brand new event like nothing it’s ever seen before. Previously the resort has played host to Red Bull Crashed Ice, snowball fight championships, Sting concerts and more, but Extreme Rescuers (or Sauveteurs a l’Extreme en Français) is a totally new one for the books. While you may have seen or attended avalanche safety courses put on by local ski schools or the Avoriaz pisteurs, Extreme Rescuers is a new event taking place in January that combines a professional conference with public demos, talks and workshops, all focused around mountain rescue. The first event of its kind, it’s set to be a unique glimpse into the world of mountain rescue and provide plenty of learning opportunities.

Extreme Rescuers Avoriaz

Testing out the latest from Recco. Photo: Recco

This five-day event will consist of equipment and rescue demonstrations, short workshops and lectures designed to educate the public about mountain safety, avalanche awareness and rescue techniques in a non-intimidating, interesting way. All the best safety brands will be in attendance, showcasing their latest safety and rescue technology, as will Europe’s rescue experts. Two days of the event will also double as a professional conference, where safety professionals from around Europe come together to share ideas and find out about the latest safety innovations.

You might be reading this thinking, why would I want to go to a mountain rescue event? Well, aside from the cool helicopter demonstrations, and as Source contributor David Gladwin points out in this article, despite being patrolled daily, a ski resort is still a mountain environment and avalanches and accidents can happen, whether you’re touring outside resort, skiing on the piste or riding some lift-accessed powder underneath the chairlift. Extreme Rescuers aims to help you better understand the risks of being in the mountains and how to avoid them.

The car-free resort of Avoriaz is perfect for this type of event! Photo: Avoriaz Tourisme

Whether you’d like to learn how to safely ski off-piste with your family or be more equipped to deal with an accident out of resort, Extreme Rescuers will have something for everyone. Even if it’s just a cool helicopter demonstration.

You can check out the full Extreme Rescuers programme here.

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