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Friday Freebie – Post Boxes

morzine-property-agentEach week Sharon Scott of local estate agency 2 Valleys Properties shares a really useful, interesting and helpful guide to ex-pat life in the mountains. You’ll find the full back collection of Sharon’s blogs on our website, and on Sharon’s Facebook page.



This week: POST BOXES.

When you move house, make sure your new property has a proper post box, otherwise the post office may refuse to deliver your post and you may find that you will be chasing it all over the Haute Savoie, as one of my clients has just recently found out!

You can buy a box from any hardware store. Leroy Merlin, M Bricolage, Bricorama etc. and costs around 30 to 50€. They are all standarised so that the post person can use their keys to open them up, so don’t think that a quirky one bought in the UK will do.

Put all the names of the occupants of the house (including children) clearly in the space provided in a permanent marker. Try and position the box as near to the road side boundary of your property as you can and preferably on a post or wall and your post person will love you forever! If you can cover it for extra protection then a little slate roof is always a winner and if you live in a building with more than 4 boxes, then they all have to be positioned together and usually in a specially built housing.

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