Event Watch: Ladies Night Tour comes to Morzine

Don’t let the name put you off; after a successful first year the Ladies Night Tour is making its rounds to Morzine again in February. Organised by the Federation Française de Ski, the tour is a collection of five events across five different French resorts designed to showcase some of France’s best female ski racing talent, inspire young women to get their race skis on and present the concept of parallel slalom in a fun, fresh way. The event will be coming to Morzine on the 27th February in a blaze of exciting competition, spectacular light displays and a fun atmosphere. 

The competition is parallel slalom, a discipline that will be featured in this year’s Winter Olympics and involves two athletes racing head-to-head down side-by-side slalom courses. Not only is it super intense to watch, the Ladies Night Tour format sees French national team racers competing alongside up-and-coming talent, which gives the event an extra edge. Another aspect that makes this event extra special is that it takes place at night, and aims to provide spectators with a fun-filled, party-time atmosphere to add to the competitive aspects. Plus, all five events take place in the school holidays, making them a great family event that’ll really get kids inspired to race. While the main event is held in the evening, qualifiers take place in the day, so whatever your routine, you should be able to catch a bit of the action.

As usual with a nighttime event, the action doesn’t jut stop at the skiing. The night will also comprise of light snows, speed riding demonstrations, a fireworks display, Rossingol ski test and of course, the legendary ESF torchlit descent. Le Tremplin will also be open throughout and after the main event providing music, dancing and all round good vibes. If you’re in Morzine on the 27th of February, it’s definitely worth a space in your diary.


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