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So many mountain sports depend on great balance and Epic balance boards are the perfect addition to your at-home training routine.

Use it as a cross training device to improve your balance and core strength in preparation for next winter’s adventures or incorporate a different set of exercises to improve your cycling skills. And to top it all off, Epic balance boards feature some bloody lovely graphics, whilst also being made from sustainable and 100% recyclable wood.

What they say

Whatever your sport is, Epic balance board is a perfect addition to your training routine. This cross training device will increase your balance and overall performance.

The juicy is the essence of a balance boarding packed in one deck! Our history begun with a board shaped just like this one. After many trials and modification we came up with a shape you can see today.

The most versatile board in our offer, making it a perfect compromise between speed and balancing smoothness. Stoppers on both sides of the deck will give you a feeling of comfort and a security during the workout, and will help you do tricks like, for example, nose or tail ride – keeping both feet at one far side of the board. This is a board best suited for beginners, fitness/yoga and muscle trainers. It also works perfectly under the feet of extreme sports enthusiasts or anyone looking for a versatile all around balance board.

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