Eat like a Tour de France Rider

The average human being burns around 90 calories per hour when resting. That’s around 2100 calories each day. Tour de France riders burn a whopping 1000 calories per hour when racing, amassing a staggering 8000-calorie burn on each day of Le Tour. Consequently, a lot of food is required to sustain both the weight and the energy levels of riders. Could you eat this volume of food in one day?

Breakfast: (3-4 hours before the race begins)

1 bowl of porridge (150 calories per cup, cooked) with a banana (105 calories per banana) and some nuts (529 calories per cup of almonds)

1 big plate of pasta (174 calories per cup) 1 piece of cake (roughly 225 calories)

Coffee (1 calorie per cup) Fruit juice (122 calories per serving)

Post-breakfast snack:

Cereal bar (about 120 calories)

Fruit juice (122 calories per serving)

During a 4-hour stage:

(quantities will vary depending on the stage profile and weather)

3 gels (about 100 calories each)

1 bar (about 220 calories)

Small rolls with jam, rice cakes and energy bars (roughly 380 calories each)

8-12 bottles of sports drinks (50 calories per 8 ounces)


Recovery drink (209 calories per cup of chocolate milk)

1 bowl of rice (216 calories per cup) with ham (203 calories per cup) and parmesan cheese (22 calories per tablespoon)

Pre-dinner snack:

Greek yogurt (100 calories per portion) with granola, (280 calories per cup)

Dried fruits (roughly 100 calories per cup)

Water (0 calories)



Risotto, (about 280 calories per serving) with chicken breast (500 calories per breast), vegetables (50 calories per serving of broccoli), potatoes (163 calories in a medium-sized potato)

Fruit salad (about 74 calories per cup)

Post-dinner snack:

Fruit (105 calories in a banana)

Crackers (about 13 calories per cracker)

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