We’re all used to paying more attention and taking more care when driving in snowy conditions. However! At this time of year, the local roads go untreated and it’s months since any of us have driven in dodgy conditions. This is when accidents happen and the picture above is from an actual crash this weekend in Morzine – fortunately two very luck people escaped unhurt! Here’s a few tips on driving safely…

– To avoid skids leave plenty of room for your manoeuvres. Reduce your speed and increase the distance you allow for stopping. On a slippery road a vehicle can take up to 10 times the normal distance to stop.

– Avoid wheel spins in slippery conditions by using a high gear, especially when moving off or travelling at low speeds.

– When changing gear, steering and accelerating on slippery roads, try to do so as smoothly as possible.

– If you start to skid, release your foot from the accelerator and steer in the direction of the skid until the rear wheels stop sliding and the tyres regain their grip. The worst thing you can do is panic, overreact and try to steer the car in the opposite direction.

– Remember at all times that if your speed is excessive, you may not have time and road space to regain control.

– Concentrate at all times and observe as far ahead as possible.

– Keep your speed low and always be aware of the level of grip on your tyes.

– Understand the systems on your vehicle and it’s limitations.

– Always carry a shovel!

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